Q&A with Daisy Rincón of Épocas Shop

When some people think of sustainable fashion they picture neutral colors and pieces that aren’t necessarily “stylish.”

Daisy Rincón challenges those ideas through the clothing pieces she curates for her online vintage business, Épocas Shop

Rincón considered the idea of creating a shop to sell secondhand and vintage pieces when she was in college, but Épocas Shop would flourish during the pandemic, months after she graduated in the winter of 2019.

She says the pandemic allowed her to bring to action the idea that was in the back of her head during college. After creating Épocas Shop, Rincón thought she might do it for a bit “just for fun” and eventually she fell in love with handpicking and sourcing unique pieces. 

And a year later, Épocas Shop’s owner says her online store is doing well. The Dallas native uses creative styling to execute look books showcasing items in her inventory. 

Photos by Miriam Garcia

On the name Épocas:

Época means time period or era in Spanish.

“I knew from the very start that I wanted my shop’s name to be in Spanish as an ode to my Latinx, Mexican culture roots,” she explained in a virtual Q&A video. 

A song titled Épocas by Clubz inspired the name for Rincón’s shop.

“I plugged in ‘Épocas Shop’ together and I fell in love, the whole name process took about 30 minutes.”

Shopping secondhand isn’t new to Rincón, since her family frequented estate sales and garage sales in the suburbs for most of her life. By the time she was in highschool she discovered thrift shopping.

“Secondhand shopping has always been a prominent thing in my life,” says Épocas Shop owner in the video. 

Any words for someone who wants to transition into building a more mindful closet?

Rincón says to always be intentional with what you purchase and to be mindful of where you invest your money. 

“Instead of a big money corporation maybe you can shop local or go thrifting,” Rincón says. 

“[We] definitely should normalize outfit repeating because that’s what clothes are made for, to be used.”

Daisy Rincón, owner of Épocas Shop

What inspires the Épocas Shop owner’s style? And if she could style anyone who would it be? 

That and more in the video below: 

Mina Del Tex

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