7 ways to participate in Secondhand September and avoid buying new clothes

Already looking for new fall garments to add into your wardrobe this year? Try looking for pieces at the thrift store or secondhand shopping apps such as Depop for your cooler weather staples this year. 

Why? Well, because it’s Secondhand September. 

Sure there’s less than 30 days left of this month, but there’s still enough time to participate in the challenge that celebrates circular fashion and secondhand style. 

While the yearly initiative started by Oxfam  encourages people across the UK to avoid buying new clothing, anyone around the world can take part in embracing their secondhand purchases this month and beyond.

Secondhand September can serve as encouragement for those who have never considered thrift shopping as an option. 

According to Harper’s Bazaar UK, the pledge was started to make fashion-lovers rethink the month that’s associated with Fashion Week and shopping for a new wardrobe as the season transitions. 

The piece states,“Instead, the charity urges shoppers to say no to new clothes for 30 days to reduce our impact on the planet.”

It can be hard not to buy anything new for a whole month, but taking on this challenge allows you to make use of the garments in your closet. 

Outfit details:
Thrifted top and dress

Here are some tips to participate in Secondhand September:

  • Thrift stores, vintage shops and resale stores are great for fall and winter accessories. You’ll find unique pieces like coats, berets, gloves and more while saving money.

  • Shop your own closet, look through all your clothes and create outfits with what you currently own. Look for outfit inspiration or have fun with it by “recreating celebrity outfits” with garments already in your closet.

  • Repurpose pieces: To give an old item a new look by repurposing it. Cropping a sweater or a t-shirt is easy and refreshes a previously boring piece. If you’re talented and crafty try swapping old buttons for new gold ones that can give a garment a facelift.

  • Look for inspiration: There are plenty of content creators sharing their #SecondHandSeptember tips and outfits. If you’re looking for support there’s a whole community of fashionistas embracing their pre-loved outfits.

  • Have fun: Challenge yourself to create or either shop for a complete secondhand look or you can take it the easy and mindful route and purchase a staple piece you hope to keep for years. Regardless of your choice, have fun.

  • Lastly don’t forget to show off and share what you learned on social media with a post or photo and don’t forget to use #SecondhandSeptember. 

Remember to adapt some of these tips year round into your lifestyle.

Mina Del Tex

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