Finding the fun and color in sustainable clothing

Nude tones, black, grey white, those are some of the colors seen on most of the sustainable clothing collections. Aside from a “boring” look these pieces come paired with a hefty price tag.

A grey top for over $100, will have most people ditching the whole idea of shopping at a sustainable retailer. Not all sustainable pieces are neutral toned and in styles that aren’t necessarily “trendy”. But there are a few reasons as to why most sustainable garments seem to have the same theme. 

Most “ethical” brands create timeless pieces that can be worn over the years and stick to fabrics that are considered environmentally friendly. 

Sacrificing style and colorful fun pieces are what hinders consumers or fashionistas from interest in a lifestyle change that welcomes the idea on sustainability. 

Would you rather have classic colored pieces, think white, black, tan, brown etc. ? or colorful and printed pieces? 

It’s hard to break up with a style that makes you happy when you see most fashion conscious content creators rocking the same minimal pieces with neutral colors.  And that is OK!

I will sound like a broken record, but I will keep telling y’all that there is no correct or perfect way to have sustainable style. 

You may think “sustainable fashion isn’t for me, it’s too neutral, I don’t really see myself belonging to that community.” But you do, we need people like you!

Whether you’re just learning about sustainable fashion or if you’re been working on your wardrobe for a few years, your point of view and experience is valid and welcomed.

OK, so how do we work color into a sustainable wardrobe?

The no brainer, easy answer for this is thrift shopping!

 (If you don’t like secondhand clothing stay with me, I got you). 

Thrift stores and shops with “trendier” pieces such as Buffalo Exchange, or Pavement (in Austin,TX) offer colorful pieces that don’t sacrifice a fun outfit. There are also online resale shops who curate pieces outside of the “sustainable aesthetic.” 

Epocas Shop (check our interview with them), Aarica NicoleVintage and Nello Vintage are a few of the many online resale shops that exist. There are even vendors or Depop and Etsy who also offer pieces that align more with the rainbow color spectrum. 

Colorful sustainable brands

Instagram serves as the perfect place to find brands that are more colorful and with a better price point. For me Instagram has helped me discover the bright side of sustainable fashion.

I wish I had a better list of my favorite colorful brands but once I have that I can share that with y’all. The Good On You App, could be a helpful tool. The in browser website or app tells you if a brand is sustainable or not and lets you browse alternatives. 

Maybe you like the colorful pieces of H&M, well the Good On You App gives you other alternatives to work into your closet. 

Izzy Manuel on Instagram flaunts bright and fun outfits while using sustainable pieces. In one of her posts she mentions Fullalove Clothing and blonde gone rogue as some brands aren’t boring. 

Some brands I love are Lovefool, aside from colorful pieces they also make bigger sizes because sustainable clothes aren’t just for thin people. Another brand I enjoy is By Megan Crosby (my top is from there). They’re based in the UK and make clothes to order. So if you order anything you will have to practice patience. 

As mentioned these aren’t the only colorful brands out there. Once I have a list of 5 or 10 I can make a post (cause I’m still looking for some brands myself.)

Don’t sweat finding the perfect brand for you, just focus on the pieces you have now and make them last and wear them instead of leaving them abandoned in your closet. Sustainability is all about changing the mindset of how you shop. Slowing the consumption process to acquire pieces you will take care of and wear is key even if “fast fashion” is what you can afford.

As Teanna said on her YouTube video, if you do buy fast fashion do it with this intention: 

“I bought this because I plan on wearing it, this is not just going to be a cute quick look for Instagram, this is something that I see is going to be a staple in my closet.”

“And even though it’s cheaply made… I’m still going to try to keep it in good condition and wear it and hopefully this can be in my closet for the next two to three years.”

Mina Del Tex

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