Watch this: The Fashion Archive on how and why fast fashion was created

Fast fashion is still here. 

And most of us have bought from fast fashion retailers. But have you ever wondered how and why clothing with such a quick turnaround was created?

“This whole capitalist mindset is what started to make the quality of garments gradually get worse and worse over the years.”

Odunayo Ojo, The Fashion Archive

Most of the information I’ve come across regarding fast fashion focuses on the damage that it creates to the planet and to garment workers. The only other thing I’ve found regarding the origin of fast fashion is the year the term was introduced.

If you want to get some insight from a fashion history perspective as to how and why fast fashion was created I recommend you watch a video from The Fashion Archive on YouTube. 

In the video Odunayo Ojo covers this question by taking us back to when garments were made to last with a “quality first” approach. Ojo presents the information in chronological order starting with fashion’s landscape during the industrial revolution and explains the concept of ready to wear fashion. 

“For a garment to cost £3 ($4.16) it means someone somewhere was paid cents and that’s food for thought.”

Odunayo Ojo, The Fashion Archive

He also makes it clear that it’s not just retailers like Zara or H&M who have pieces with terrible quality since high end luxury brands have fallen for rushed deadlines as well. Some luxury brands and fast fashion stores both exploit their workers. 

Who would have thought that fast fashion brands could have something in common.

Get your snacks and drink of choice ready, sit back and enjoy the video below: 

(Also follow The Fashion Archive’s work if you’re into fashion content) 

Mina Del Tex

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