Thrift Finds : Marc Jacobs tote


IMG_2759Welcome to my first blog post of the year !

I found this Marc Jacobs tote last spring and haven’t had the chance to create and document how I styled a look. I was actually shocked when I found the tote in the purse section of a Goodwill.

The tote was probably $5 and I didn’t think twice about purchasing it. Typically even when I’m thrift shopping I try to be conscious with what I buy. I make sure what ever I take home with me will be used or worn. There’s usually canvas Marc Jacobs bags at Marshall’s and TJ Max but I’m never able to convince myself to buy it.

For this look I paired the Marc Jacobs tote bag with this purple polka dot wrap dress that I found at another Goodwill. The purple tone of this dress makes it a versatile piece that can be worn in the warmer and colder months. If the purple was a bit lighter I feel like it might look too springy for fall or winter months.

IMG_2799Outfit details : Pretty proud that the majority of this outfit is second hand minus the shoes and neck tie, it’s all about finding that perfect balance.


Shoes – Old Navy

Marc Jacobs tote & Dress – Goodwill

Neck tie : WalMart (old from 3+ years ago)

Sunglasses : TJ Maxx

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Mina Del Tex

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