Modern cowgirl western inspired look



Western inspired looks have been everywhere lately,  I even recall when the Fashion Citizen mentioned in one of their videos that western style would eventually be in. And they weren’t wrong. The December issue of the Texas Monthly features the art of the boot, were they “explored the art and culture and traditions that surround the official footwear of Texas.”

Ever since I heard that fashion prediction  I was curious to how this style would be executed.

A few years later the looks have evolved from the traditional neutral colored western wear to more trendier pieces. Even the incorporation of certain western elements such as the hat, or the boots are seen anywhere from music festivals to editorial shoots.

Fringe, bolo ties and big belt buckles are can be paired with normal clothing items to make the outfit more interesting. The current acceptance of these western elements have a very Texan flair. This style will continue to live in Texas once the trend dies because it  allows Tejanos to showcase their state pride in a fashionable way.


The Outfit :

I knew I wanted to create a western look, not only because it’s everywhere but because as a Texan, a western style inspired shoot would be fitting and fun.

The Stockyards is a place where everyone in Fort Worth takes photos, but a reason I picked this spot was because I wanted to recreate a photo of me when I was younger.

I used a nostalgic photo of young Mina mixed with subtle touches of my take on western wear to create a last minute outfit for this shoot.


Details :

Hat – Borrowed from friend

Blazer – Goodwill

Top – Goodwill or Savers in Austin,TX

Boots – Thrift Town

Skirt- Urban Outfitters (old from 3 years ago)

Belt – thrifted can’t recall from where




Mina Del Tex

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