2021 fashion trends that can be acquired or sourced sustainably

In 2020 the pandemic had most people staying at home finding comfort in their coziest pieces. With the lifestyle shift retailers took advantage and made lounge wear the new cool. But 2021 brings some fashion trends more exciting than loungewear but friendly enough to rock from the comfort of a sofa. 

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5 NYE outfit ideas to wear at home

While many of us will be ringing in the new year at home due to the pandemic, you can still try to ditch those sweat pants and throw on a nice outfit. A nice outfit can be anything from your favorite cozy cardigan paired with some jeans or a cute maxi dress that is still […]

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Sustainable shoes: Mireia Playà boot review

Sustainable shoes aren’t too difficult to find, but vegan sustainable shoes are another story. I personally prefer to buy vegan shoes, but when ever I was looking for vegan sustainable shoes I didn’t have much luck until I found Mireia Playà.

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Beginner’s guide to sustainable fashion in 4 steps

Learning about sustainable fashion can be exciting but can also feel a bit overwhelming and getting started might seem difficult. What is the correct way to be sustainable? What brands should we shop from? Do we need to throw out all of our fast fashion pieces and fill our closet only with sustainable clothes? Those […]

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Traveling to Mexico during a pandemic

Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic on a plane can seem scary and depending on how the cases are in your area, it might not be recommended. I traveled to Aguascalientes, Mexico with my mom at the beginning of October and luckily did not catch Covid-19. In this post I will share a bit about how […]

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