Vegan food in CDMX and the beach

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Finding vegan food in Mexico is not difficult. When ever I mention that I’m going to Mexico, people get excited for me because of the food, but then they remember I don’t eat meat and their excitement disappears.

Luckily this trip proved that there are vegan options in most places. My advice would be to look up places to eat before you depart so you have a list of restaurants you want to try once you arrive to you destination. I did not do this, because per usual I wait till the last minute to do anything but also because I was busy with work.

Below I’ll share some of the spots we tried and my thoughts on them.

Por siempre taqueria vegana – CDMX

carmina tiscareño - taqueria vegana

My friend and I found this place on accident, and boy was I glad we tried it. I wanted to visit a second time before departing but didn’t get the chance to. They have a 5 al Pastor taco plate that is great. I love grilled onions and was so excited when they gave me about 6 of them. Por Siempre Vegana has a good selection of salsas and topping for the tacos such as nopales ( cactus) and potatoes.

We didn’t get the chance to visit the sit down location but this taco stand was very worth it. If you are ever in CDMX these tacos are def worth trying.


Les Insolites-CDMX

carmina tiscareño - torta

As mentioned in my previous blog post, we were leaving Biblioteca Vasconcelos when a guys was yelling that he had vegan tortas and hamburgers. I thought it was a joke or something, I even though maybe he’s making fun of vegans. But then we walked back and asked him and he indeed had a basket full of goodies.

I got a vegan torta made from falafel protein. The guy told me that he starts selling outside the library around 1 p.m. This is definitely a tasty lunch after exploring the library.

carmina tiscareño - les insolites


La senda – Playa del Carmen

I wish we had discovered this restaurant early on because this was my favorite spot. The portions were fairly generous and had a good flavor. They have a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. One thing that really stuck out to me was the fact that they made chorizo from garbanzo beans!

I highly recommend this place worth the price. We visited this place twice during our stay, during breakfast and during dinner. For breakfast I had tofu scramble that was very filling and for dinner I shared some chorizo nachos with my boyfriend and had a quinoa bowl as well.

El Vegetariano Tulum – Tulum

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I always like to say my most “Texan attribute” is my love for chips & salsa.  Chips and salsa is not a common thing in some of the restaurants I’ve gone to but I was excited to see that at El Vegetariano.

This was the perfect spot after biking for 6 miles and spending a few hours at El Gran Cenote. If I’m not mistaken the restaurant is French owned. El Vegetariano has the basic vegan burger to Mediterranean style dishes. During our early dinner I got some rice with veggies since I wasn’t really feeling a burger or pasta.

Tulum is filled plenty of vegan options, so let me know what tasty places you try.


 Choux Choux Cafe – Playa del Carmen

Choux Choux wasn’t my favorite place but it was very conveniently a short walk from our AirBnb, I would say less than a 5 minute walk. I must admit they did have the best coffee out of all the other places I tried. I think that is one of the things that drew us back twice to this place aside from being so close to us.

This place isn’t 100% vegan bu they do have some options. I had their vegan omelet and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, I’d give it a 6 out of 10. I wish I had tried their smoothie bowls instead because I’m sure those might have been good.

Aside from not being a huge fan from the food that I tried, this is a super cute place. I’d at least maybe recommend stopping by for iced coffee and a small bite. What I did like about this place is that they prefer not take to-go orders, I believe they charge 3 pesos for to-go orders due to containers. This is a great place to enjoy coffee and maybe work on some stuff, read maybe doodle.

I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re looking for speedy service, or if you’re in a hurry. This more of a slow, chill and casual place. The service was not horrible but it definitely has more of a laid back vibe.

Mina Del Tex

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