Style It: Adding color to your outfits

Welcome to my first series of Style It where I try to give some styling advice by sharing tips on how to incorporate certain pieces into your outfits.

For the first post I want to talk about wearing colorful garments. I know some people  love wearing darker tones such as black and navy but hope to eventually add more color.

With Spring and the warmer months making their way into the year this makes it a great excuse to change things up.  While I enjoy styling my all black outfits with pops of color, some people might not feel as comfortable rocking a bright blue blazer or yellow crop top.

The best way to subtly add color to your looks is by finding accessories in hues you would wear. These accessories can be items such as a belt, earrings, hats, scarfs, shoes, purses, back packs, hair clips or head bands.

It’s probably easier to throw on a red hat or scarf instead of figuring out a way to style a red top.  This transition can also help you figure out what colors work with your wardrobe and style.

Start with subtle tones

Go for pieces in dark variations of brighter colors such as maroon, forest green, rust.

Build your way up

Animal print can count as a color and you can even start to mix it with brighter hues.

That pop of red

Once you’re comfortable try brighter colors

Red is clearly a hit in my closet.

If you feel adventurous mix a bright color with a pattern. Lastly don’t forget to have fun.

Mina Del Tex

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