Flaming hot summer


It’s been about a hot month since my last blog post. ( Get it hot minute but it’s been a month…)

Since the last post I’ve been celebrating Jeremy’s birthday and I guess the fourth of July as well. In between that time I have also been apartment hunting. Every time I would get on the computer I had to do some online apartment hunting and that would then lead to trying to relieve stress via YouTube.


Thanks to that I found my current favorite YouTube Gal at the moment and her channel is Yo’Homegirl. I love, love her style and everything she does she is super cool. If I’m not mistaken she lives in South Korea. Her style is amazing and her hair has inspired me to maybe go back to red hair. I’m not sure we shall see. I have to continue the slip dress series and I think it will be inspired by Yo’Homegirl or Nathalie’s style. So stay tuned for that.

North Texas is flaming hot. The summers here are hot and I complain about them but I don’t hate them. The heat is another reason why the blog has been slacking. We shot this at a time when we thought it would be cooler  outside but we were wrong. I swear after this shoot I had one of those heat headaches, those are a thing right?

Jeremy told me to wear something Tokyo street style, since we went to the Takashi Murakami exhibit here it Fort Worth. I tried my darn hardest and came up with what I have named my flaming hot cheeto look.




Outfit details : The top I stole from my sisters closet because she always goes into mine. I love that it’s flowy with a fun flame print. Only downside is that the fabric can get itchy. The skirt that was maybe a bad idea to wear in this weather I bought from for $5 Maleni before she left for Spain. The shoes are from the Nine West outlet, almost a year old. They may have been around $30. Fotos by Jeremy Pesina.


IMG_4538 IMG_4552 IMG_4516-2 IMG_4546   IMG_4517-2   IMG_4582 IMG_4602  IMG_4579 IMG_4603

Mina Del Tex

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