Styling: Slip Dress 1

thrifted slip (1)

Slip dresses have been in for a while for their comfort and effortless look. They can be worn alone or paired with shirts under to make the dress more versatile. I’ve been lucky to find some cute slip dresses at the thrift store. I decided to work a blog post styling slip dresses.  I thought about making a post with three of my favorite dresses but decided why not split this into a mini series of styling : slip dresses.


On this post I styled a maroon dress that I bought a thrift store and I actually can’t recall which one. I decided to pair this one with a stripped top to give the dark color a brighter look. I wanted to wear sandals but my legs were hurting so I decided sneakers would be the best option plus they’re comfortable and match the outfit well. The sunglasses are for show I’m sure they have no UV protection because I got them at Party City in October. I thought they’d be cool for photos to use as a prop.

Slip dresses are currently my go to piece because as mentioned before they are comfortable and an easy way to look put together. I also love them because the Texas summer is hot and this dress makes the heat more bearable since they are so flowy.  These dresses are great to wear over swim suits since they’re so easy to slip on and off. Thinking ahead pairing them with sweaters or long sleeved shirts make them a transitional piece that can be worn during the colder months.

Thrift tip – Find these dresses in the lingerie section of the store. Don’t forget to also browse the dress section to make sure.

All photos by Jeremy Pesina 

IMG_1997 IMG_2005

IMG_2006 IMG_2004  IMG_2012IMG_2019IMG_2024 IMG_2023

Mina Del Tex

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