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Over the past month I have rediscovered Kristen Leo. I have been subscribed to Kristen’s YouTube channel for a while but this summer I started to pay attention to the deep messages in her videos. Kristen is an ethical lifestyle You Tuber. It was refreshing to see someone creating content different than the usual popular make up / fashion content on YouTube. 

Kristen educates her subscribers on ethical shopping and on why one should stop supporting retailers such as Forever 21, H&M and Zara to name a few. She encourages her subscribers to instead shop from sustainable, ethical fashion companies or to even opt for budget friendly options such as thrift shopping.

I was under the assumption that the only way to contribute in ethical shopping was by purchasing products from ethical fashion brands. Most of the brands I have come across  are out of my budget with pieces starting at $200.

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This summer I realized thrift shopping or buying second hand contributes to ethical shopping. As mentioned in a previous blog post I kept on limiting myself and doubting myself when it came to blogging or creating Youtube videos. I got carried away by the wave of wanting to constantly shop to create relevant Lookbooks and I kept comparing myself to other bloggers who don’t share the same ideals as me.

I felt a bit lost in the “fashion” blog world. I felt like I lost my personal style and direction by trying to fit into a mold that was not for me. Thanks to Kristen I’ve realized that I was slowly practicing sustainable style by shopping second hand. Even the laptop I’m using to write this blog post is a second hand purchase.

I used to feel bad because I’m a girl who is  on a budget and can’t always buy new things. Now that I know I’m helping the planet and not supporting sweat shop labor by shopping second hand I feel no shame. I don’t want to promote a lifestyle that encourages constant unnecessary consumption. I’m taking small steps to help me ditch fast fashion.



My beginner sustainable style tips

1- Audrey Coyne shares some helpful slow fashion “hacks.”

2- Thrift stores, a no brainer. 

3- Antique Malls, perfect for furniture, home decor you never know what you can find. Get lost and have a whole photo shoot like my gal TejanaMaluca. 

4- Depop, wow I have been SLEEPING on Depop. The outfits from this blog post are from my friend’s Depop shop. @everythingliving

5- Shop local, local artisans, support local vintage shops instead of supporting huge corporations. Help your local babes out.

6- Swap clothes with friends or even co workers, make a night out of it, think wine and snacks. A clothing swap party would be a good idea and also a great way to clean out your closet while obtaining new pieces. 

7- Revamp old pieces there are plenty of DIY videos on the YouTube. I usually crop shirts or sweaters that need a new look. I even make a maxi skirt shorter recently. Dress up plain denim jackets with pins. Let your imagination run wild.  

8- If you do need to shop from  fast fashion retailers challenge yourself to shop less often and purchase pieces that you plan on wearing and keep them for a while. Look  for pieces that go with your personal style rather than trend pieces. 

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Mina Del Tex

5 thoughts on “sustainable style

  1. I’ve been working on making more ethical fashion choices when possible and this post really helped a lot. I always thought that ethical shopping meant spending hundreds of dollars for clothes as opposed to buying cheaper things from fast fashion retailers.

    However, ever since I’ve gotten more into thrifting, I have really seen what an impact it can have.

    I love your outfits and this is a great post:) xx Jess

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it ! I made sure to link to the helpful videos that helped me. And just like you I was also under the impression that the only way to contribute was by buying from those brands. Thrift stores have so many hidden gems. Thanks for the love Jess !!

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  2. I’m so happy to be your sister in sustainability! I too wrestled for a long time on how to continue blogging about style while remaining true to my ethics and not breaking the bank. Thrifting is the best!

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