en color 1


I’m back after neglecting the blog for a while. In this blog post I’m going to share some photographs I took as well with some that my friends took. I’m playing around with backdrops and decided to name this “project” en color. In this portion of en color we shot some images with a yellow back drop. These are the first photos of the project I have in mind. Here are some photos of en color 1 , where I shot my friend Olivia. I also created a video with a few behind the scenes of that afternoon when I shot with my friends. I’m currently getting a bit more active in photography and videography and just want to create content in addition to creating outfit posts. Hope you guys enjoy the work featured in this blog post. Lastly I’m heading over to Austin this weekend, so yes expect some travel photos in an up coming post.IMGP9374





Mina Del Tex

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