january denim and plaid

Happy new year to all. Per usual, I’ve slacked and abandoned the blog. I hate to leave the site inactive for so long.  I’m just horrible at time management. A new year resolution for me this year was to get a better control of managing my work, social and school life since I just started school again. (yay!)

In addition, I also want to create monthly style diaries that could be paired with one to two monthly blog  posts. I kind of want to also extend this blog as my creative ideas and writing outlet.

In the mean time here are some photos from an outfit I wore earlier this month while out and about in Bishop Arts. The denim jacket, backpack and t-shirt are thrifted. My skirt is from Forever 21 and the shoes are Asos. When I bought those Asos shoes online that was my first time buying from the site and highly recommend it to anyone who has not shopped with Asos. The shoes are super comfy and I got them for such a good deal. Thanks for stopping by.  Photos taken by Jeremy Pesina










Mina Del Tex

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