Styling tips for 7 fashion trends of 2022 that you can thrift or shop sustainably

It may seem impossible, but following the latest fashion trends while being mindful when shopping is achievable. 

Luckily most trends tend to come back after a few years and it seems like some styles from 2021 are migrating to 2022 making it easier and more “sustainable” to stay on trend this year.

Cut outs, over sized pieces and balloon tops are some trends that won’t be “old” this year. The simplest way to keep a wardrobe up to date is by wearing the color of the year and Pantone named Very Peri the color of 2022. Throw on some purple accessories or pieces to effortlessly keep up with fashion trends. 

Women’s Wear Daily described Very Peri as “a periwinkle blue with an undertone of a red violet”. 

I’ve picked 7 of my favorite 2022 fashion trends and some can be found in the thrift store clothing racks.

Because who said you can’t look good while doing good for the environment? 

“Very Peri is a periwinkle blue with an undertone of a red violet”.

Women’s Wear Daily

Fashion trends for 2022 that you can thrift or shop sustainably:

1. Color of the year:Very Peri

One of the easiest trends is the color purple, from pants, to hats to shoes, this color will effortlessly make you feel on trend in 2022. Purple is also a color that is versatile throughout the seasons, meaning it looks good yearlong. While Very Peri is a specific color wearing lighter or darker shades still work. 

2. Go to new heights: Platform shoes 

Get some height this year from sandals,loafers or boots. For anyone who has trouble walking in heels, platforms can literally “elevate” a look and provide a bit more comfort than trying to balance on a heeled shoe. Find these shoes at thrift stores or other secondhand shops such as Depop or Buffalo Exchange. 

3. Can’t cut the cut outs: Cut outs

As I mentioned in my trend post from last year, 2000’s fashion (Y2K) was never something I liked. Instead of the low rise pants or skirts (those will be a thing this year) I prefer pieces with cutouts. For example high rise pants with cutouts on the hips or dresses with an exposed side waist are modern take on this beloved trend. This trend is back from 2021, proof that some trends can live longer than usual. Blazers with cut outs is something I’m excited for this year, anyone with good sewing skills can rework an old blazer and give it a slight Y2K reference. 

4. Big Business: oversized blazers 

Something I’ve enjoyed seeing over the past years is the acceptance of oversized pieces.I have always been a fan of oversized pieces since highschool. After being told for years to dress to ”accentuate” my body, this trend proves that more fabric can create a stylish outfit. Oversized blazers are fun because they can be paired with more form fitting clothes to balance out the look. 

5. Brighten up: Shiny pieces

Most people like to save sparkles, sequin pieces for New Years Eve, a night out or special occasions. But after years of pandemic lockdown people are ready to brighten and lighten up the mood with their clothes. While a shiny, or sequined item may seem overwhelming to wear, accessories are always a great subtle way to get in on the fun. Hair accessories, broches, chokers or —- with sparkles or sequins — 

6. Less in the summer: Bra tops

This is another trend from 2021 and a timeless piece that works every summer when the temperatures rise. Honestly, using a bra as a top will always be “cool” in the summer. For this trend try a traditional bra style or a sportier one, and wearing it over a shirt can give it an interesting twist.

7. Wear the rainbow: Colorful bags

It seems like this year a colorful bag will be preferred over the usual neutral tone purses. While a black,nude or navy blue bag is more versatile when pairing it with an outfit, a bright colorful purse adds an extra pop of color. Wearing a colorful bag is great for anyone who wants to wear more color but doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a green shirt. Believe it or not some people are scared of wearing color and that’s OK. A way to ease more color into a wardrobe is by integrating colorful accessories, it can be a purse, sunglasses, a baseball cap or some earrings. 

Which trend are you most excited for? (there are a few trends I did not mention)

Mina Del Tex

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