2021 fashion trends that can be acquired or sourced sustainably

In 2020 the pandemic had most people staying at home finding comfort in their coziest pieces. With the lifestyle shift retailers took advantage and made lounge wear the new cool. But 2021 brings some fashion trends more exciting than loungewear but friendly enough to rock from the comfort of a sofa. 

Fashion runways provided a combination of different styles such as loose fitting pieces, a fun twist on basics and even skin tight tops. After reading a few articles ( looking at photos really) and watching a trend forecast video I decided to write about the trends I’m most excited about for 2021.

These trends are versatile enough in my opinion to wear past this year. When shopping for “trendy”  pieces it’s always good to find the one you love and would consider wearing for years to come. When “trends” are worn past their time they can really become a statement piece in your wardrobe.

Are these trends sustainable?

The trends I’ll be highlighting can become a weekend project or bought from secondhand shops. (Thrift store, Buffalo Exchange, Depop)

Repurpose an old basic tee and add a faux feather trim to give it a new look. Most of us wear undergarments, if you have a sports or lace bra you already have trend number 3 in your closet. (Look at you being sustainable and stylish!)

Here are the top 10 trends I’m excited for this 2021:

1. Loose oversized/ Wide leg pants

I decided to pair loose, oversized fitting clothes with the wide leg pants trend since they all are a new take on comfort. I think these styles of pieces are a way to upgrade the loungewear looks but without getting rid of the comfort factor. I personally have always loved wide leg pants so I’m excited to see them back. Also oversized tops and pieces really got me through 2020. Of course I try to make sure anything I buy oversized is something I will wear and doesn’t fit too, too big. 

2. Tie Dye

Tie dye is definitely here to stay for another year. I personally love the more subtle take on tie dye or the fun intricate design since it doesn’t look like the top was done in a summer camp. If done right, tie dye is an easy DIY project to give a basic boring piece an interesting look.

3. Bra undergarments 

This is probably the easiest trend for 2021. If you own a sports or lace bra or any kind of bra you’re pretty much set. I live in Texas so this is a trend we see every summer, it’s not necessarily something new but I’m glad to see it on fashion runways. We know a thing or two about fashion in the lone star state. 

4. Bold shoulders on tops or dresses

Balloon sleeves were really it this summer and I loved it. The next thing which I did start seeing last summer is bold shoulders. I’m totally here for it. As I’ll keep on mentioning this is really the time to make basics more fun. I actually bought an Alice and Olivia dress from Buffalo Exchange with bold shoulders and it’s definitely my favorite. As Amy Serrano mentioned in her video I watched, the bold tops are probably to add a bit of oomph to those Zoom meetings.

5. Fur lined coats / Feather trim

I own a faux fur lined coat, purchased in maybe 2016. I haven’t worn it much because Texas is not very cold, but I was super happy to see I already have a “trendy” piece.  I’m also really excited for feather trim pieces. I will obviously opt for faux feathers but I think this style will definitely dominate this year. I personally can’t wait to try this as a weekend project.

6. Unexpected pairings

Unexpected pairings is a 2021 prediction made in Amy Serrano’s video mentioned above and linked below. After a pretty boring year most people might want to mix and match pieces, colors and prints they wouldn’t have years prior. I have quite a few prints and colors that don’t necessarily match or go well with each other but this trend might be the best excuse for it.

7. Groovy patterns

This is another prediction from Serrano, and a bit similar to the unexpected pairings. Groovy patterns could be something we might see more with the influence of ‘60s ‘70s and ‘80s inspired looks.

8. Checkered print

While some may not be into groovy patterns, anyone with a more classic palate can rest assured because check print will be another print for 2021. There will be the classic black and white print (Yes if you own those checkered Vans you’re ahead of us all!). But also the green, orange and purple checkered print seen on pieces from Holiday the Label.

9. Second skin (skin tight tops)

I feel like this was a pretty big trend in 2020 and I’m also glad it’s here to stay for another year. In 2020 the Marine Sierre crescent moon monogram tops were everywhere. This season the skin tight tops were also seen in Fendi, Givenchy and Miu Miu. I actually just recently bought a second skin / sheer top from Buffalo Exchange. The print almost looks like zebra print but I’m kind of getting groovy pattern vibes. 

10. Straps and Cutouts (New take on 2000’s trends)

OK last but not least is a take on the early 2000’s trends. I was not and I am not a fan of lowrise jeans or any of the tacky trends from the 2000’s era. But I can get with the cutouts and thin straps / lace up style trend. Cutouts on pants and dresses give me 2000’s vibes without being tacky. I was a huge fan of the lace up flats, so I hope this style revives the trend. A great replacement would be a chunky square heel loafer, but with a femenine vibe with the lace up detail.

Which trend are you excited for? (there are a few trends I did not mention)

Which one do you hate and which one do you see yourself DIY-ing?

Mina Del Tex

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