A stroll through CDMX

This trip was really a quick stroll through Mexico City because our short stay was not enough for us to enjoy the many wonders the city has to offer.

CDMX is a bustling city perfect for me since I consider myself a city girl. It has parks throughout the city such as el  El Bosque de Chapultepec, similar to NYC’s Central Park, except Chapultepec has vendors selling my favorite Mexican snacks such as elote and homemade nieve de agua. (water based ice cream)

carmina tiscareño - roma

This trip marks my second stay in CDMX, but since this time I went with my friend  I had the opportunity to explore more than I did on my first visit.

I hope to return to the Mexico City but to work and live there for a bit or forever. For now enjoy some of the photos I took during my travels.


Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria

We got lucky and stumbled across a vegan taco truck. So delicious and highly recommend. I can’t recall their full menu but they had good options.

carmina tiscareño - taqueria vegana

Les Insolites 

After leaving Biblioteca Vasconcelos we heard a guy selling vegan tortas and burgers. At first we thought it was a joke, but after double checking that indeed it was vegan, I indulged in a torta. This torta was from falafel protein. Yes it was good, and he told me he usually sells in that area starting at 1 p.m. I did not get his name but get a tasty torta or burger after your Vasconcelos visit. 

carmina tiscareño - tortacarmina tiscareño - les insolites

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Don’t forget to also check out their outdoor park, pictured below.

carmina tiscareño - vasconceloscarmina tiscareño - vasconcelos carmen

Castillo y bosque de Chapultepec

Wear comfy shoes if you plan on visiting this gem because you will do a whole lot of walking. There are plenty of fun day activities to participate in. Walking through the park is free, but the Castillo has a charge. We got lucky and got in for free.

carmina tiscareño - castillocarmina tiscareño - castillo meE080233D-3152-43CA-9E52-21A5F8966594.JPGcarmina tiscareño - castillo viewcarmina tiscareño - centro de cultura digital

Zocalo y Barrio Chino 

On this day, a Saturday we took the Turibus around town and walked trough some places such as El Zocalo, Barrio Chino and Paseo de la Reforma. We also visited the Monumento de la Revolución, where I fell coming down the stairs as we exited the building. Fortunately the fall resulted in no major scrapes or bruises.

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Recommend this activity to a group of four or more, because you can all split the cost. It was only two of us, it was a fun experience but as lively as the ones I’ve seen on the social medias. Nonetheless, we still had  fun I enjoyed the colorful scenery, but I think if the group is under four people I’d rather visit Teotihuacán.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Cafe Salon Cero y Museo Soumaya

On our last day full day we did some final exploring. We found a coffee spot that served cold brew and wandered in the exhibits of the Soumaya museum.

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Mina Del Tex

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