One year working from home: finding the motivation to get dressed in a pandemic

It’s been a year. 

The pandemic has been around for a year and has altered the lives of many across the world. 

A face mask and hand sanitizer now accompany the keys and wallet in our purses on backpacks and have become daily essentials when leaving the house.

Some people were privileged enough to work from home, and I am one of those people. While I have not “worked from home” in lounge wear, I’ve had a hard time finding the motivation to get dressed. When the pandemic started most of us were getting adjusted to this new life and I naively thought we’d go back to work in the office in the next few weeks, but those weeks eventually turned into a year.

At the same time, clothing companies were taking advantage of these “times” to promote their lounge wear such as sweats or cute pajama suits. (I’m loving the dressing up sweats with a blazer look)

I had a hard time adjusting at first and tried to dress cute but comfortably and wore light makeup to make the day locked up working seem a bit more exciting. 

Dressing up helps me feel good, happy and confident. By May, I realized the pandemic wouldn’t end soon and I needed to change out of my favorite oversized t-shirt and shorts to stay motivated during the day.

My work from home outfits are simple. One of my favorite outfits last week was a white De Colores t-shirt, blue jeans, a yellow blazer and red mules for a pop of color. And of course my earrings also completed this outfit.

But I must admit, not all days are easy. On some days I don’t have the motivation to think of a simple outfit. I try to piece something because I know it will make me feel better. But sometimes and honestly most of last year, I found refuge during these hard times in one of my favorite sweaters.

You’re not alone

If you’re also lacking the motivation to get dressed, do your make up, hair or anything else, you are not alone. The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. 

I don’t have many tips on how to find the motivation to slip out those pajamas and into some jeans or a dress, but I’d say to take it day by day.

Find pieces that you loved wearing pre-pandemic and adjust them to the current times. For example a dress once paired with a blazer and flats or heels for the office now can work paired with a denim jacket and some sneakers. 

Dress up a jeans and t-shirt look by addings some accessories, try a gold or silver chain, earrings and a headband to make the look more intentional. Create a schedule and decide what days include outfits that aren’t pj’s or sweats. 

Ultimately wear what brings you happiness and find outfit inspiration in fashion blogs, magazines or Pinterest and go from there. 

Here’s to a year where we re-establish our style.

Outfit details: Everything minus the tights are secondhand.

(Read more on how dressings up can lift your mood via Refinery29

Mina Del Tex

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