5 NYE outfit ideas to wear at home

While many of us will be ringing in the new year at home due to the pandemic, you can still try to ditch those sweat pants and throw on a nice outfit. A nice outfit can be anything from your favorite cozy cardigan paired with some jeans or a cute maxi dress that is still dressy but was effortless to put together.

Since I can remember I was always out partying on New Year’s Eve but this year I’ll probably be dancing to reggeaton from the comfort of my home. I have compiled five different categories that can give you some inspiration for a last minute outfit, incase you were considering hanging out in an oversized t-shirt like I have been doing for most of the lockdown.

1.Cozy vibes:

I truly believe an outfit can be cozy but cute at the same time and this year has really proven that. Most people think that a nice outfit isn’t comfortable but I would argue that when you feel the most comfortable your confidence completes the look. Cropped cardigans may be in, but a thick knit cardi and sweater are always a good option. They can be paired with a pair o jeans, over a dress or with a skirt. You can keep the look cozy with some sneakers or those ankle Uggs that I’m surprisingly liking, but to elevate the look. heeled ankle booties are always a good idea.

2. Simple casual wear:

Wanting to dress up a bit more than just a cozy sweater? Try some of your favorite jeans or pants paired with a nice blouse. A maxi dress or skirt is always an easy way to look pulled together. Adding accessories such a beret, a headband or fun earrings can make casual wear feel a bit more fancy.

3. Monochrome fit:

Sometimes I wish I took my own advice because monochromatic looks are so fun but they also looked so pulled together. Yes, even if the color tones aren’t the same, a monochrome is another easy outfit option. Wearing all black always counts, but as I mentioned before give the outfit some sparkle (not literally) by adding your favorite accessories.

4. Wild thing:

Anything with animal print, a pair of pants or something small like a neck scarf could work for a wild NYE night in. This print a long with plaid continues to make its way into the runway. The popular zebra print from my high school days is apparently making a comeback, and even if it is I will still wear my cheetah patterned pieces.

5. Fancy vibes:

Heels, gold or silver sequins is the typical NYE outfit that comes to mind. I probably won’t be wearing anything too fancy this New Year’s Eve, but if I was I’d love to add some gloves to the look. Tulle,sheer tops and dresses and balloon sleeves are other pieces that create a fancy look. And as I have been saying this would be the perfect night to over accessorize, something fun would be wearing pearl or rhinestone hair clips to tie the look together.

If any of these categories inspired your outfits try to use what’s already in your closet. : )

What will I be wearing?

I’ll probably go with number 4, Wild thing. I have a neon animal print top I bought from the brand, By Megan Crosby that I haven’t worn out.

Mina Del Tex

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