Sustainable shoes: Mireia Playà boot review

Sustainable shoes aren’t too difficult to find, but vegan sustainable shoes are another story. I personally prefer to buy vegan shoes, but when ever I was looking for vegan sustainable shoes I didn’t have much luck until I found Mireia Playà.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved shoes, I’m not sure why since I didn’t grow up with family or any other person who shared the same love for them. For that reason, I’m the person who will invest in a pair of shoes if I truly love them and can work them into my style.

I had been eyeing a few sustainable shoes with a steep price but they didn’t convince me enough to hit the “Add to cart” or “Buy now” button, until I discovered Mireia Playà.

Mireia Playa is a Spanish based shoe brand that makes vegan and sustainable footwear. I found out about them trough a site that sells vegan shoes from different brands and makers. I saw a red western style bootie and knew it was meant to be, but unfortunately they didn’t have my size. Something told me look up the brand and it led me to a website where the Cherry Gina Lag boot was available in more sizes.

The Mireia Playà, Gina Lag boot review

While I was ready to make the investment and spend $200 on a pair of boots I actually received these as a birthday gift from my partner.

The boot comes in different colors such as blue, brown, black and in a snake print made from vegan suede.

I would not recommend these boots to anyone who has wide feet as this style has a very narrow fit. They do have boots that aren’t as narrow, but since these have a slight pointed toe they fit a big snug. In the description for this boot on the Mireia Playà website they recommend to size up for this stye. I wear a size 8, so the closet to my size would have been their 38 (size7.5) but I had to order a 39 (8.5).

Thick, fluffy, warm socks are not a good option for these boots, I usually wear trouser socks since they are made with thinner fabric.

The only thing I might change about this boot is the zipper. The hardware for the zipper puller isn’t the best for a boot that fits so snug. I’m worried that since the puller is made from a small piece of suede leather it might break off from zipper’s bridge.

Aside from the zipper, the heel is the perfect height, not too tall or short, but just enough to elevate your look. These boots also have versatility to them, they can be worn with a very casual look. Throw on a white or band t-shirt, some black or blue denim jeans paired with these red western style boots for a cool laid back outfit.

For a dressed up look, the boots can be paired with a dress long or short, a button up top or a blazer.

Final thoughts : I love these boots and their design, l’ll probably wear them until they tear apart. Even though they have a western style they’re still modern and versatile for different occasions.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 Mireia Playà is not delivering outside of Europe, I got these right before the pandemic started in the U.S.

How I styled it: I kept this look a bit classic with a white blouse and blazer that I thrifted. Went for a subtle edgy vibe with the distressed denim skirt, something I don’t typically pair with blazers.

All photos by Jeremy Pesina

Mina Del Tex

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