Sustainable on a budget? Borrow clothes




With the whole sustainability hype, more people are wanting to shop from ethical companies. While those companies pay their workers fair wages, their price ranges aren’t accesible to everyone, myself included.

But one doesn’t have to shop only from ethical brands to join the sustainable fashion movement.

Borrowing clothes from a friend, sibling, roommate or co-worker serves as an inexpensive alternative. When I was in middle school and high school my friends and I would share clothes. Clearly at one point none of us were old enough to work, so a way to revamp our wardrobe was by temporarily owning a few pieces.

My parents hated it when I borrowed clothes from friends and I was never clear as to why they did. Unfortunately that is probably why I stopped borrowing clothes from friends or didn’t see it as an option when I wanted new clothes on a budget.


Clothing swaps are another great way to get new pieces on a budget and it’s sustainable as well. (I’ll be working on a blog post on clothing swaps)

For this look I’m wearing a cozy crewneck that I borrowed from my sister paired with a few fast fashion pieces, that I wear too much.

It’s all about balance.


Crew neck : Borrowed

Skirt / Purse : Target (I’m a super lazy fast fashion shopper lol)

Shoes : Vegan Doc Martens, purchased from Moo Shoes

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Mina Del Tex

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