A trip to Helados la Azteca


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Before we know it Spring will finally be here and the warmer temperatures call for a refreshing treats such as popsicles.

Helados La Azteca in Haltom City makes their own ice cream, aguas frescas as well as other treats such as fruta loca (fruit with hot sauce), corn in a cup and different takes on nachos. The shop opened three years ago.



The first store opened in Waco in 1998 three years after Victor Garcia’s family immigrated from Mexticacan, Jalisco. Garcia, owner of the Haltom location said Mexticacan town is known for making ice cream and paletas (popsicles).

I discovered the shop about a year ago when my mom told she went with a friend. I live in a suburb  so I usually have to drive out to Fort Worth for tasty Mexican treats. As soon as I set foot in there I fell in love with the place and their treats.

I’ve tried other places but I was never really satisfied.I loved the decor in the shop and the bright colors and decided this would be a great place to do a photo essay.


It’s been a while since I shot photos of food so I was excited to take on this challenge. I enjoy taking photos so it was fun to get behind the scenes shots of how an elote or fruta loca was made. The one thing I struggled with was getting the subject to act natural or relax when I pointed the camera toward them.

I tend to shoot more fashion and style photos so I typically have a subject who I can guide through poses. This made it hard for me to get shots with emotion since it felt like the girls working were slightly trying to avoid me.

I had access to get behind the counter and follow them after they prepared corn, fresas con crema (strawberries with cream) and other items. I was able to get them comfortable with them camera when I would ask them what they were preparing and what ingredients they used.



Before I left Garcia showed me the small room where they have the machine that makes their ice cream. He said when the shop first opened they would sell Blue Bell ice cream but he decided they should make their own ice cream. Once Garcia made that decision the Waco location decided to make their own ice cream as well.



Don’t forget to support black and brown owned businesses.

Where do you go to get your ice cream/popsicle fix from?

Mina Del Tex

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