Mexico & semester recap



Semester rundown

The never ending cycle of school work finally came to an end and I can breathe now. I can peacefully enjoy face masks without feeling guilty.

This semester seemed like it would be more bearable. My classes were balanced and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I thought that this semester I’d have enough time to manage my classes and at least one monthly blog post. That scenario changed once I started working for the newspaper at my university. ( I’ll share some of my favorite stories I worked on in my next blog post.)

I learned new skills while working on the campus newspaper but I also struggled with my classes. I already had a job, plus my classes, so joining the newspaper was like an extra “gig.” That gig turned to be pretty time consuming. Don’t get me wrong I love journalism and the career that I chose but I also like eating, sleeping and passing my classes.

Due to my work schedule I had long 12 hour days when I was at school. My days were pretty long. I was so busy sometimes I forgot to eat. I had to stop what I was doing at times and force myself to eat because I wouldn’t have any time later in the day.   At one point I felt extremely overwhelmed and was sure I had to quit my position as a reporter. Nonetheless I pushed trough all the struggles and obstacles that this semester brought.

Now that I have more free time I’m devoting myself to myself and to my blog of course. Although I was honing my journalism skills by writing two stories a week, I missed writing on my blog. Sure I could have managed to write a post or two while in school but I was always working on school stuff from sun rise until the late hours of the night.

I missed having time to plan out an outfit shoots. I missed coming up with a theme for the monthly blog post. I did work on some interesting news stories, met some pretty cool people, but I missed working on content for myself.

Next May I’ll finally be graduating. A dream that I’ve aspired as a young girl will finally come true. Im taking time this summer to enjoy myself and brace myself for the next 2 semesters I have left.

Mexico recap


While tackling all the school chaos I also visited Mexico. I traveled to Mexico for my cousins wedding in April. One of my classmates called me brave for taking a trip toward the end of the semester. But I honestly do not regret it. I took that trip as a nice weekend getaway to visit one of the first cities that captured my eyes, Aguascalientes. As a young girl that became one of the cities I spent most of my time in.

I grew up in a small town in the state of Zacatecas.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas but I never spent great amount of my childhood in that city.  I have memories of visiting the city of Aguascalientes (in the state of Aguascalientes) as a young girl with my mom for doctor visits and shopping. I recall riding the public transit buses. I remember eating gorditas in the central area of the city. The sandwiches my mother would pack in some occasions that we would eat while enjoying the view at the Plaza Patria.

Jeremy at Museo José Guadalupe Posada

I also got to experience my first Feria Nacional de San Marcos which I plan to go back to again. Over all it was a nice trip I ate some good food drank plenty of micheladas while enjoying the beauty of the city. I’d go on about the trip but I think this blog post is long enough. If you are ever in Aguascalientes one of my favorite restaurants is La Saturnina. A must visit for the famous cafe de olla during breakfast hours. Their cafe de olla is made in a clay plot, with cinnamon and sweetened with piloncillo, a brown sugar cane. I’m not a fan of sweets but this coffee is just perfect. They even give you a piloncillo on the side if you want it sweeter. Below are pictures of the trip taken by the one and only Jeremy Pesina.






jp aguas


Taken at La Saturnina
Mina Del Tex

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