a thrift style

For a while I pushed myself away from blogging and creating looks. The pieces in my closet seemed so outdated, boring and dull. I’d see cool pieces other bloggers would wear and think why should I even blog? These outfits aren’t cute they’re not trendy. Most of the pieces in my closet are things I got attached to and have kept them for over two years. ( Yeah I know I need to spring clean my closet)


I stopped trying to reach out to one of friends who shoots amazing photos and video, because I just felt like I lost  my style. I didn’t think it would be worth it to go out to Dallas find a neat location and shoot a plain Jane look. At the same time when I would come across blog posts and outfit looks on Instagram I missed creating outfits and shooting.

I recall working on a YouTube video and feeling excited to style outfits. I missed that excitement I missed that happiness. Although I didn’t have a huge following I still loved seeing a video I styled and shot with my friends with cute outfits. ( shout out to those who have seen the channel) I loved seeing something I made. I didn’t make the YouTube channel or this blog to become famous or anything like that.


I made it because I wanted to use it as a way to get myself into the fashion world and into styling to create fun looks. I’m no artist, no makeup artist, I can’t paint or draw or sing. To me fashion style helped me express myself it introduced me to creative thinking. My clothes acts as the paint and my body a blank canvas.

I started that YouTube channel and grew interested in blogging because I wanted to show  that one can look amazing in thrift pieces. Many of the compliments I get on my outfits come from pieces I bought at the thrift store. People say ” I love your shirt” ‘skirt” “dress” “sweater”……and I get so excited to say I bought it a the thrift store.


People usually have a surprised look and I love seeing that. It proves the point that style has no boundaries. You don’t have to have a closet loaded with clothes that don’t help you think clearly about outfits. You don’t need a huge amount of money to create a killer outfit.  Challenge yourself, and have fun take yourself to the thrift store and buy an outfit with a $20 budget. Invite your friends even to make it even better. ( This will probably become a future blog post)

I decided to come back to the blog and do what makes me happy again. I’m here to share my thrift style and probably other things to practice my writing. I’m here for my people on a budget who want to look and feel great. This is for you guys. Don’t ever feel like  any less int hose thrifted pieces or sale items.

a thrift style. 

the outfit : I cropped this old sweater to give it a new life and red mom jeans that I cut as well to fit my height better.



Mina Del Tex

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