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Ever since I grew interested in style and fashion I’ve always gravitated towards oversized pieces. I like that balance between a very boxy, baggy top paired with a fitted skirt or skinny jeans. Vice versa too. I love pairing a cropped top or a somewhat fitted top with a pair of mom jeans.

Most of my mom jeans are from the thrift store so they don’t fit exactly to flatter my figure. Personally I love my mom jeans because they’re comfortable to wear. I’ve been told before by my mother to wear things that are more flattering to my figure.

There are days where I do want to feel sexy and  wear tight fitting clothes. That happens usually when I go out at night or in the hot Texas summer. You’ll catch me sporting a skirt and breezy t-shirt or top.

Right now we’ve had a few cold fronts so I don’t even think twice on what to wear. I don’t convince myself to wear a dress or skirt with tights because  I’m trying to stay warm and comfortable. I have been feeling sort of like a grandma with my thick cardigan and mom jean look I’ve been rocking this winter.

But one day I stumbled across an Instagram account that caught my attention and inspired me to make my frumpy looks fierce. The account belongs to Maria Bernad a fashion designer ( if I’m not mistaken) and stylist from Spain.

How amazing is her style.

I’m currently in love with the way she balances loose fitting pieces with more fitting ones. Obviously I did some shameless creeping on her Instagram and went pretty far down. She really makes the classic pant suit playful and cool. I’m living for her oversized blazers and matching pants. Her style takes a hip take on vintage pieces as well.


There’s a picture she posted with an outfit she wore to a wedding. She’s wearing an oversized peach pink blazer paired with matching pants that have a slight bell bottom look. She paired that with a light blue button up top and dark green platform sandals. OK please go look at it. ( I linked it)




I felt so inspired by her style. After spending a good 15 minutes looking at her feed I will never feel frumpy in my mom jeans, oversized coats, tops. Below I styled my peach colored ankle wide leg pants. From now on I’m definitely going to wear my clothes with more confidence.










Mina Del Tex

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