the red ombre

New year, new look. New year, new goals, new everything because why not. Happy 2018, it is so crazy how time flies. I still have vivid memories of 2017 and it honestly feels like that whole year just happened yesterday.


I decided it was time to ditch my boring hair that I’ve had for a while. I’ve always been the friend out of my small group of friends to try new colors and short cuts all the time. I decided to stop dying and frying my hair after one of my friends (a professional) who worked at a Toni & Guy baliaged my hair. ( He is now living his best life in San Francisco)

Ever since then I’ve kept my look pretty “natural.” Back when I was  19-21 I bleached my hair and did all sorts of damage to it until I finally decided to cut it short and just grow out the left over color.

In 2016 I started working at a salon as a receptionist and even then I kept my look pretty simple and low maintenance. First I had a brown burgundy color and then a few months later I got the baliage color done again. I again let that grow out and kept it my natural dark brown color for a while.

What my color looked before the red ombre took over.

I’ve always love Luana’s color from Le Happy. Ever since I discovered her blog I loved her hair it was and still is that perfect ombre. I love how she has kept that look and color over the years.

The beautiful Luana and hair inspo.

If I’m not mistaken I believe her natural hair is dark like mine so I decided if she is able to pull it off then maybe I can too. That’s when I shared my color “goal” idea with Ashley a color technician at the salon I work at. Of course she was all for my new color.

For anyone interested in having this bright color, when your natural hair color is dark brown I would recommend to consult with a color technician because Ashley did have to bleach my whole head, well hair, before she could apply color in order for it to be vibrant.

This was my hair after Ashley bleached it. Cute, look at those roots.

Anyone who may be scared to damage their hair, spoiler alert all color services cause some damage your hair. Usually if you see a professional the damage is minimal since they are trained and knowledgeable in color services, so your hair should be in good hands. ( That’s why it good to consult with a color technician prior to a drastic change to your color.

Luckily for me my salon carries Olaplex so it helps with the damage that can occur to hair. After Ashley bleached my hair she had to rinse my hair out and add hair color and ombre the rest of the hair. Not a short process if you have natural dark hair but I was worth it because I love my new color and I’ve always wanted this look. I’m finally a hot cheeto head.

The final look. 

Then the next day at work we had a small shoot with the ring light. Check out that iPhone picture quality. 






Mina Del Tex

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