Take me back to the city that never sleeps, the city that is always in a rush. New York city I miss you, and I want to go back.

I’ve been sick for about two weeks. I was feeling very tired, I had a horrible cough and looking at a computer screen was hurting my eyes. That is why I haven’t posted on the blog. I’m feeling a bit better but the doctor did say I have a sinus and ear infection. The worst part was that I started my two new jobs when I was sick.

I sort of sucked it up and pretended to be fine, I was dying inside. My body felt so tired and exhausted. I’m hoping I’ll be 100 percent healthy by the end of this week. (crossing my fingers!) I’m tired of coughing all the time.

Below are a few outfit pictures from my trip to New York in February, hence why I have a long coat on. Mum jeans and long coats are my favorite combination for cold weather like the one up north. I was very comfy the whole day. I thought it was a bit funny how my neck tie and concho belt gave me outfit a slight modern western look. Of course I wore my Reebok animal print sneakers to keep my feet comfy.

DSC_0112-2 (1)DSC_0090-3


-coat – thrifted $5

-shirt – thrifted $3

– pants diy distressed – thrifted $5

– neck tie – thrifted .50 cents

– concho belt – thrifted $10

-shoes – Reebok $60 (estimate)

~ fotos by Jeremy Pesina ~

Mina Del Tex

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