I might of lied when I said I was going to take lots of pictures in my New York trip. I tried to focus on soaking in city to make sure this was a place I hope to live in the future.

IMGP8539 To some New York city may not be the ideal place to live but for me it definitely felt like home. The city is so busy and there is so much going on I don’t think I could get bored. Driving and finding parking are some of the things I hate doing. For the five days I was in New York I was enjoying my time on the Subway and on a few Lyft and Uber rides.

The subway does smell funky and is not the cleanest but it’s public transportation, one can’t expect it to be squeaky clean.  On this post I’m sharing a few pictures I managed to snap while in Chinatown.

There was a whole bunch of confetti popping so most of the streets in Chinatown were covered in colorful confetti. The restaurants there might of been celebrating Chinese New Year. I’m not quite sure, but there were a few dragon dances outside a few of the shops.

For my next post I’ll write a review about using Airbnb instead of booking hotels when I travel. Anytime I go out of town I don’t think twice about using Airbnb. I highly recommend it for anyone who has plans on traveling on a budget. Traveling on a budget is possible and enjoyable.




Mina Del Tex

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