Hello blog, it has been about two weeks since I posted anything. When that happens it’s usually because I got a bit busy. As you read from the blog title I do have an upcoming trip!

12628432_1248893191792498_5914786142865397844_oMy birthday is this weekend, my cousin comes in from Mexico this week and next week we leave to New York.  Yes, I’m headed to the new York again. You can’t blame me it is my dreamy city, the city I hope to live in after I graduate from school and work as journalist/stylist or in ant creative field.


I get into the city on the last day on Fashion Week, so maybe I’m able to catch some amazing street styles. On my last trip I did not photograph or vlog much, but don’t worry I’ll have photos and vlog content for you guys. I’ll try to see if I can get some vlogging done on my birthday weekend as well. Happy Tuesday.




WP 3


Mina Del Tex

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