I visited New York City for the first time during the second week of September. I feel in love with the city like I knew I would. I was born in Texas and lived here for most of my life. New York City is so much different than the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the surrounding suburbs. (where I live)

After the New York trip it makes sense why people say “Everything is bigger in Texas.”  When I heard people say that I thought they refereed to the big trucks and big hair, but now I know exactly what they mean. New York City is small compared to Texas and the DFW area as well. People in Texas are used to spacious houses with a reasonable sized yard. In New York City there’s not much of that. Regardless of the size difference I wouldn’t mind moving to the city that never sleeps.


I personally hate driving and finding a parking spot. I wish I could take the train home from work just like I could take the train from point A to point B. Now on my way to work I constantly think about the L train. I’m deeply missing New York and plan to visit again in September next year.

The city is so fast paced and so were the people I was with so it was hard to try to get pictures without getting left behind. Here are a few from my trip. Thanks for reading and enjoy.







Mina Del Tex

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